Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Elbow pain

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 Elbow Pain

Internal damage to any part of the body is extremely painful. The pain in elbows arises due to the same reason. The pain, however not severe, might lead to numerous other problems. The most common symptoms are stiffness, cramps, pain and swelling. In a majority of the cases, bone related diseases cause elbow pain. Injuries also cause pain. If the pain does not get cured within two to three days, a doctor’s advice is appropriate. The doctor examines the area of pain and studies an X-ray of the elbow. Medicines, supplements and massage cream is preferable to get relief. In case of a fracture or a serious injury, surgery is obligatory. Let’s go through a detailed description of the causes symptoms prevention and treatment of elbow pain. 

  • What causes elbow pain? 
  • What are the symptoms of elbow pain? 
  • What are the treatments of elbow pain? 
  • What prevents elbow pain?

What causes elbow pain? 

  • Elbow pain can be due to several reasons, some of which are listed below. 
  • Injury or fracture in the bone can cause elbow pain. 
  • Outdoor games such as cricket, hockey, football, Kabaddi etc. might lead to an injury in the elbow joint, resulting in pain.
  • A jerk in the arm might cause elbow pain. This is common among small children. (Read more- What causes body pain)
  • The root cause of elbow pain may be problems related to the ligament. 
  • Infections in the elbow might result in pain. 
  • Arthritis may be a reason of elbow pain. 
  • Sprains also lead to pain in the elbow. (Read more- Home remedies to cure sprains)

What are the symptoms of elbow pain? 

The following are the symptoms of elbow pain: 

  • Stiffness of the elbow 
  • Pain in moving the arm 
  • Rise in temperature of the affected area 
  • Infection 
  • Pain in stretching the arm 
  • Sprains in the joint 
  • Fracture

What are the treatments of elbow pain? 

  • Mild pain in the elbow gets cured within a short span of time and do not require any treatment, but if the pain lasts for more than a couple of days, a doctor must be contacted. The root cause of the pain needs to be investigated so that it can be treated. A professional who specializes in muscles must be referred.
  • If the pain is due to an injury or a sprain in the elbow, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics to relieve the pain. Numerous people think that its effective to apply ice on the elbow to diminish swelling and muscle pain. The rest is advised. In a few cases, the doctor might recommend an ultrasound or myofascial massage.
  • In the case of a fracture or an injury, an orthopedic uses plaster or braces to support the broken bone. Surgery might be needed. (Read more- Fracture of bones
  • If arthritis, rheumatoid or pus are detected in the elbow, medicines are given to reduce pain.

What prevents elbow pain?

There is no specific way to prevent elbow pain, but there are methods to prevent conditions that might become the cause of such pain. The following can be done to prevent elbow pain. 

  • To prevent elbow pain, avoid injury. 
  • In case of an injury, apply ice on the affected area.
  • Keep the elbow exactly above the heart while sleeping to cure swelling. 
  • Tie a cloth to provide support to the elbow in case of a mild pain. 
  • Stop work and rest if the pain increases.

If you suffer from elbow pain and want treatment of elbow pain , contact a good Orthopedist

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