Ayurvedic treatment of Stomach gas

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 Stomach gas 

Gastric issues are a common problem these days. The main reason for this problem is the inappropriate lifestyle of the people. Most of the people do not eat and sleep at the suitable times, stay awake late at night and do not exercise. They tend to prefer junk foods like pizza and burger over healthy home cooked food. All these habits result in gastric problems like stomach gas and indigestion. Ayurveda states that the native food is much healthier than the foreign food items. Also, sleeping right after having a meal leads to indigestion. Mild walking after meals is required to digest the ingested food. Stomach gas if not treated properly may lead to a number of complicated ailments like swelling of the stomach and intestine, infections and kidney stones. If you face gastric problems, taking the help of Ayurvedic medicines is a great alternative. Ayurveda originated in ancient times and utilizes medicinal herbs for treating various ailments. Let us look into some Ayurvedic remedies to treat gastric problems. 

  • What are the Ayurvedic treatment of Stomach gas ? 
  • What to do if you suffer from gastric problems?

What are the Ayurvedic remedies to cure gastric problems? 

The following herbs are used to treat gastric problems: 

  • Ginger: Ginger is an herb which is beneficial for the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. It is rich in medicinal importance and treats stomach gas. (Read more- The Benefits and Side-effects of Ginger) 
  • Asafetida: Asafetida is known to cure stomach gas and muscular cramps. 
  • Clove: It is beneficial in treating gastric problems. Taking a clove or two after meals is effective to reduce acidity. Black pepper: Often used a spice, black pepper is useful to treat gastric issues. Black pepper can also be used in tea. 

The following Ayurvedic treatment of Stomach gas can be useful for the use :

  • Paste of herbs: In the Ayurvedic treatment, a paste of numerous herbs is prepared and applied on the affected area to obtain relief. Applying such a paste on the stomach improves digestion and reduces stomach gas. (Read about- Ayurvedic treatment of foot pain
  • Improving digestion: A way to reduce gastric problems is to improve the digestion process. Ayurvedic treatment using Hingvashtak Churna is effective in curing stomach related problems. (Read more- Problems due to acid reflux)

What to do if you suffer from gastric problems?

According to Ayurveda, the following must be done if you suffer from gastric problems: 

  • Consume Khichdi. 
  • Include green vegetables in meals. 
  • Sit in a proper posture.

According to Ayurveda, the following must not be done if you suffer from gastric problems: 

  • Avoid eating spicy food. 
  • Do not control urination.

Our aim is to provide information about ailments. We do not recommend any kind of medicine, treatment or surgery. Contact a Gastroenterologist for advice.

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