What is Canola Oil? Benefits of Canola Oil

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What is Canola Oil

Benefits of Canola Oil

A wide variety of oils are used in food preparations. Most of the people use these oils without having an idea about their health impacts. Choosing an unhealthy oil for cooking might cause a number of problems. That’s why it is important to know the benefits and side-effects of the oil we wish to use. One such healthy oil is Canola oil. Rich in nutritional content, the canola oil is beneficial for health. Let us look into the nutritional value, benefits and side-effects of canola oil. 

  • What is Canola oil? 
  • What are the nutrients present in Canola oil? 
  • What are the benefits of Canola oil? 
  • What are the Side-effects of Canola oil?

What is Canola oil? 

Canola is a plant with plenty of health benefits. Biotechnological techniques are used to extract oil from the canola plant. Canola oil is used in cooking and in medicines. But it may have some negative impacts on health in some cases. 

What are the nutrients present in Canola oil? 

Canola oil is rich in nutrients and essential minerals. It contains vitamin E (Alpha tocopherol), vitamin K (Phylloquinone) and fatty acids.

What are the benefits of Canola oil? 

  • Prevents cancer: Consuming canola oil prevents cancer. It prevents the growth of cancerous cells and tumors. Cancer patients must consult a doctor before using canola oil. (Read about- Lung cancer
  • Treats diabetes: Diabetes cannot be treated completely and thus the diabetic patients must take care if the food they eat and the cooking oil they use. Canola oil is useful to reduce the blood sugar levels and is beneficial for the health. (Read more- The symptoms of Diabetes?)
  • Improves the skin quality: Canola oil is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help to enhance the skin texture. It prevents the skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the Sun. Applying canola oil on the skin before going out in the Sun is beneficial. (Read more- The benefits of Castor oil for the skin
  • Nourishes the hair: The problem of hair fall is becoming common these days. The reason behind this is considered to be the selection of inappropriate hair oil. Canola oil contains vitamin E that strengthens the roots of the hair. Applying canola oil on the hair promotes hair growth. (Read more- What is hair fall)
  • Reduces inflammation: Canola oil is rich in vitamin E. It reduces inflammation and relieves pain due to injury.

What are the Side-effects of Canola oil?

There are numerous health benefits of Canola oil, but it may also lead to serious consequences: 

  • Excessive use of canola oil increases the threat of heart diseases. Thus, the oil must be used in limited quantities. 
  • Some studies show that canola oil affects the brain. It might reduce the memorizing capacity of the brain. (Read more- What is bipolar disorder)
  • Canola oil may have a negative impact on the liver and kidney. The reason of this consequence is considered to be the biotechnological processes used to extract the oil. 
  • Canola oil contains substances that cause skin related problems. Consult a doctor before using Canola oil.

If the consumption of canola oil causes any health-related issue, contact a General physician immediately. 

Our aim is to provide information about ailments. We do not recommend any kind of medicine, treatment or surgery. Contact a doctor for an advice.

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