Meaning and Benefits of Loban (Gum Benzoin)

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What is Loban (Gum Benzoin)? 

Gum Benzoin is known as Frankincense in English and as Loban in our native language. It is used extensively in Indian households for worship and other holy rituals. Most people use loban only for its aroma. Loban has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, analgesic, astringent, expectorant, and stimulant properties. Besides this, Loban is used medicinally in the treatment of health-related problems. Loban is considered to be good medicine in Ayurveda. Talking about its benefits, it is beneficial in stopping vomiting, reducing abdominal pain, arthritis, calming the mind, etc. Let us tell you in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of Loban (Gum Benzoin). 

  • What are the Health Benefits of Loban (Gum Benzoin)? 
  • How to use Loban (Gum Benzoin)? 
  • What are the Side -Effects of Loban (Gum Benzoin)? 

What are the Health Benefits of Loban (Gum Benzoin)? 

Loban has many health benefits. Let us elaborate further.

  • Loban is an anti-depressant According to some people, taking the aroma of loban is beneficial in reducing depression. Its aroma helps in preventing the symptoms of mental fatigue and depression.
  • Benefits of Loban in calming the mind – Loban contains a variety of medicinal properties that help calm the mind. Therefore, if you are experiencing stress or mental disturbance, then you should take the aroma of loban to calm your mind.
  • Beneficial in removing chest secretions – Loban oil is often used to remove mucus from the respiratory tract. Loban has properties that help in thinning the secretions and making it easier to cough up. 
  • Benefits of Loban in preventing cancer – Cancer is a dangerous disease which if not treated immediately, can kill the person. Therefore, treatment should be started when the initial symptoms of cancer are seen. As a natural remedy, loban helps in preventing cancer. Let me tell you, loban has anti-cancer properties that prevent cancer growth and also reduce the symptoms. 
  • Beneficial in increasing sexual stamina – Many people wish to increase their sexual stamina and try various home remedies. But there is no specific result. Loban is useful in increasing semen and sexual stamina in men. Prepare a mixture of loban powder, dried ginger powder, asthishrinkhala, and akarkara, mix it with milk, and drink. This enhances your sexual stamina.
  • Loban is used in the treatment of cough – Loban helps in treating any type of cough, asthma, chronic cough, TB, or common cold. These patients should take the aroma of loban smoke. You get a lot of benefits from this, and your cough gets relieved. 

How to use Loban (Gum Benzoin)?

Loban tree is tall or medium-sized. Its flowers are white, light red, or purple in color. The bark of these trees produces some resin, which is called Loban. The loban trees are found mostly in Europe, South Africa, and Malaysia. Some other ingredients are also added to natural Loban to make it useful. Loban is used for medicinal purposes. For example, it is used to cure skin disease. To stop vomiting, burn loban and boil water with this smoke and drink it to stop vomiting. The use of loban oil reduces the symptoms of fatigue and provides relief. Also, loban is used to remove the cough secretions as it has some properties that dilute the secretions. 

What are the Side -Effects of Loban (Gum Benzoin)? 

Loban has many benefits, but in some cases, there are disadvantages also. 

  • If a person is already suffering from some disease, they should consult a doctor before using loban. 
  • If you take diabetes or BP medicines, then use loban only on your doctor’s advice. 
  • Do not use loban excessively on the skin, as this may cause skin irritation and redness. 
  • People who are allergic to loban should avoid its use. 
  • An asthma patient should stay away from loban dhoop. 
  • If a person has undergone surgery, keep them away from loban smoke. 

If you are experiencing any health problems due to the use of loban, then contact a General Physician

We only aim to give you information through the article. We do not recommend medication or treatment in any way. Only a doctor can give you good advice because no one else is better than them.

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