Know about the Home Remedies for Kidney Cleansing

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Meaning of Kidney Cleansing

Home Remedies for Kidney Cleansing

As you know, to make the house beautiful, cleaning the house is necessary; similarly, to keep the kidney healthy, it is essential to keep the kidneys clean. It is because the kidneys play an important role in removing the toxins out of the body. Kidneys are a major organ of our body as they filter out salt from the blood and remove the dirt and harmful bacteria from the body. Due to the accumulation of toxins in the kidneys, there is a risk of stones. Always keep your kidneys clean to prevent kidney disorders so that the body remains healthy. Let us tell you about the home remedies for kidney cleansing in today’s article.

Home Remedies for Kidney Cleansing

Kidneys work as a filter in our body and help to flush out the toxins. However, one can use the following home remedies to cleanse the kidneys. Let us elaborate further.

  • Lemon Lemon has many medicinal properties as well as a good amount of vitamin C. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body. To use lemon, mix lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it daily. It helps in cleansing the kidneys and preventing kidney diseases.(Read more – Benefits and side effects of lemon)
  • Red Grape Red grape contains many vitamins and minerals. It contains a good amount of vitamin C, B6, A, and minerals such as iron, calcium, folate, potassium. Consuming grapes prevents fatigue and stomach problems such as constipation. By consuming red grapes, the kidneys remain clean, and the dirt gets removed from the kidneys. (Read more – What are kidney stones)
  • Ginger Ginger is an Ayurvedic herb that is used in the treatment of many health problems. It contains a good amount of calcium, iodine, iron, and other nutrients. It helps remove toxins from the kidneys. One must include ginger in their diet. (Read more – Benefits and side effects of ginger)
  • Coriander – Coriander contains a good amount of manganese, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and protein. Coriander is very beneficial in cleansing the kidneys. Coriander should be used in food or salad. Coriander helps in correcting other health problems too. (Read more – What are the causes of vitamin C deficiency)
  • Celery – Celery is for health as it helps to cleanse the kidneys. It contains a good amount of vitamin C, A, and potassium. Luteolin, an antioxidant present in celery, helps to flush out the uric acid from the kidney. It also purifies the blood. Celery should be used to clean the kidneys. (Read more – What is Ajwain)
  • Curd Curd contains a good amount of probiotic bacteria that help to cleanse the kidneys. Apart from this, curd has medicinal properties which strengthen the digestive system. Curd plays an important role in enhancing the body’s immunity. Be sure to include curd in your diet. 
  • Karonda (Black currant fruit) Karonda has a high amount of antioxidants as well as Vitamin C. Apart from this, it also contains vitamin E and K. It has minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium that help to cleanse the kidneys. Daily consumption of karonda can keep the kidneys clean and healthy. (Read more – Benefits and side effects of green vegetable)
  • Guduchi Guduchi is a type of leaf used as a diuretic. Guduchi is beneficial for removing toxins from the body. By consuming it, you can clean the kidneys and remove the dirt. You can either use the juice of Guduchi leaves or capsules of Guduchi are also available. The use of Guduchi is beneficial for people who smoke and consume alcohol. (Read more – What are liver diseases)
  • Ajwain – Ajwain has a good amount of medicinal properties that help to cure many health problems. Ajwain is easily available in every Indian kitchen. Ajwain is useful in enhancing the flavor of food as well as digesting food and eliminating bile. Ajwain is beneficial in reducing stomach-related problems. Consuming ajwain daily helps cleanse the kidneys. (Read more – Benefits and side effects of Ajwain)
  • Red capsicum – Red capsicum helps to overcome many health problems. It contains many nutrients and minerals that help to remove toxins from the kidneys. It is also effective in reducing stress. To clean the kidneys, you must include capsicum in your diet. (Read more – Benefits of Capsicum)

We hope that we could answer your questions regarding the home remedies for kidney cleansing through this article.

If you are experiencing any kidney-related problems, you can contact the Nephrologist.

We only aim to give you information through the article. We do not recommend medication, treatment in any way. Only a doctor can give you good advice because no one else is better than them.

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