What are the Home Remedies for Tooth Cavities

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What is the meaning of Tooth Cavities?

Tooth cavities are small holes that are formed on the surface of the teeth. Untreated tooth cavities may result in tooth pain, infection, or loss of the tooth.

Excessive consumption of sweet foodstuffs, soft drinks, and other junk food coupled with poor dental hygiene and improper teeth cleaning results in the formation of tooth decay or tooth cavity. Consumption of food that is high in sugar content leads to the formation of tooth cavities. The sugar in the food combines with the saliva and bacteria present in the oral cavity resulting in the formation of plaque surface formation on the tooth surface. When left untreated for a long period of time, this plaque causes the wearing off of the outer surface of the tooth surface (known as the enamel) leading to tooth decay or tooth cavity. Treatment of a deep cavity would require a visit to the dentist, which may be both costly and time-consuming. However, if the decay is still mild, a few home remedies can be tried to get rid of the tooth decay.

In this article, we will be discussing the various home remedies for the treatment of tooth cavities.

What are the causes for Tooth cavities?

There are several risk factors of tooth decay or tooth cavities. Some of the common causes for tooth cavities include:

  • Vitamin D deficiency in the diet ( Know more about- Vitamin D )
  • Excessive consumption of sticky food such as candy which tends to stick to the tooth surface
  • Frequent consumption of sugary food items such as soft drinks, junk food
  • Improper teeth cleaning
  • Heartburn or acidity problem

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  • Medical conditions which may reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth, for example, dry mouth

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  • Cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy have dry mouth upto 6 months that may lead to large number of tooth cavities. 

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  • Bottle feeding in infants when putting them to sleep 

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What are the various Home Remedies for Tooth Cavities? 

Following are the home remedies that can be adapted for tooth cavities.

  • Regular use of natural homemade toothpaste or fluoride toothpaste for the reduction in tooth cavities: A few easily available natural ingredients would be required to prepare this toothpaste at home. To prepare this toothpaste, mix one spoon of black salt, one spoon of baking soda, one spoon of stevia (sugar substitute), and one cup of coconut oil to make a paste. This paste can be applied to your teeth instead of the regular toothpaste available in the market to reduce the chances of cavities. 

If one prefers to use market-bought toothpaste, it is recommended to use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps in the remineralization of the enamel and the prevention of tooth cavities.

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  • Using dental floss: Regular flossing of teeth prevents plaque formation between two teeth thereby preventing tooth cavities.
  • Diet control: It is recommended to avoid sugary and sticky food items to prevent tooth cavities. ( Know more about- Weight loss surgery/ Bariatric surgery )
  • Use of sugar-free gum: Clinical studies have shown that chewing sugar-free gum after meals help in the remineralization of the enamel. 
  • Use of clove oil: Clove is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. Application of 2 to 3 drops of clove oil on the tooth surface is known as an effective home remedy for tooth cavities.
  • Using Neem: Neem is known to have antibacterial properties that prevent the formation of plaque on the tooth and help in preventing tooth decay. Many people even brush their teeth using a neem stem.

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  • Consumption of salmon fish: Salmon fish is a rich source of Vitamin D and helps in the improvement of the health of the teeth. Salmon fish provides a good amount of calcium to the body and strengthens the teeth, preventing tooth decay. Salmon fish is therefore known as a superfood for teeth. Those with recurrent problems of tooth cavities should include salmon fish in their diet.

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  • Curd consumption: Curd is known to be the best remedy for teeth-related problems as per a study. Curd is extremely beneficial for good gut health and is also known to reduce the problem of tooth decay. Daily consumption of curd results in stronger gums and teeth and also lowers the risk of developing tooth cavities or decay and other gum-related problems. There is a good amount of calcium present in curd, making the teeth stronger and healthier.
  • Increase in Vitamin D intake: Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body from the food that is consumed. Studies have shown that a high Vitamin D intake reduces the chances of tooth cavities. Some food items that are rich in Vitamin D include milk, yogurt, dairy products, and salmon fish. Natural sunlight is also an excellent source of vitamin D.
  • Black tea to prevent tooth cavities: As per research, the daily consumption of black tea reduces the problems related to teeth and makes the gums strong. Thus, black tea is known to reduce the tooth decay problem. Black tea is known to contain a good amount of antioxidants and helps to strengthen the gums and prevent tooth decay. To make black tea, put a tea bag in hot water, add some honey and drink it. It reduces the problem of tooth cavities and tooth decay.

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  • Use of Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is known to be extremely beneficial for health. Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients and it strengthens the overall immunity of the body. It is also helpful in the prevention of many diseases. Tooth cavities can be cured by applying aloe vera gel to the teeth. The antibiotic properties of Aloe Vera gel help in the reduction of tooth decay by destroying germs. To use aloe vera, cut the aloe vera leaves, extract the gel from the leaves, and then put it in a bowl. Keep it in the fridge for some time, and then apply it to the affected tooth with the help of your finger. Rinse your mouth with water after ten minutes. ( Know more about- Aloe vera : Benefits and Side effects in hindi )
  • Oil Pulling Treatment: Oil pulling is an ancient process of gargling with oil. Oil pulling is good for dental hygiene and helps in the removal of dental plaque and germs from the oral cavity. It also helps in the reduction of the problem of tooth cavities. Sesame oil or coconut oil can be used for oil pulling treatment. Apply sesame oil or coconut oil on the teeth and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse off with water. After the completion of this process, one can brush their teeth with regular toothpaste. A small study confirmed that oil pulling with sesame oil reduces the number of bacteria, dental plaque, and incidence of gingivitis as effectively as chlorhexidine mouthwash (a germicidal mouthwash commonly prescribed to reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth). However, larger studies are still needed to confirm the same.
  • Using licorice to reduce tooth cavities: Licorice is a herb known to be useful in treating many diseases. Licorice is beneficial for the elimination of bacteria present in the mouth.

Some studies have shown licorice tablets and powder to have a good effect on overall dental health. Licorice helps in removing the bacteria from the mouth, thereby reducing infections.

To use licorice, grind the wood of licorice and then mix it with a few drops of water. Rub this mixture on the teeth. This procedure is known to reduce the problem of tooth cavities. One researcher has even invented a licorice lollipop to help fight tooth decay. Short-term studies have shown licorice lollipops to be effective in preventing tooth cavities. However, long-term studies are required to confirm the same. 

  • Saltwater gargles to reduce tooth cavities and decay: Saltwater gargling is one of the most ancient and widely used home remedies to treat any tooth-related ailment. Mix a pinch of salt with some lukewarm water and gargle with it to destroy the germs in the mouth and reduce the risk of developing tooth cavities. Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of saltwater gargling in the reduction of tooth decay. One can brush his/her teeth with regular toothpaste after saltwater. However, it is not recommended to gargle with salt water daily if one has a healthy set of teeth.

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What is the treatment for Tooth Cavities?

Tooth cavities that are too deep and cannot be treated using home remedies require treatment by a qualified dentist. Some of the treatment methods used by a dentist to treat tooth cavities may include:

As stated above, one of the very common cause of teeth cavities is radiation therapy done for cancer patients, when the patient is suffering from head and neck cancer like- Thyroid cancer, Throat cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer of face and neck, naso-pharyngeal cancer or eye cancer. It is important to get the best treatment for cancer done from the best oncologists. In India there are many renowned hospitals and oncologists in different cities who have expertise in head and neck cancer treatments. Mouth cancer is highly prevalent due to common habits of smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco , arecanut chewing, and alcohol consumption. 

We hope we were able to answer your queries about Home remedies for tooth cavities through this article.

If you have any kind of problem-related to your teeth and oral cavity, contact a Dentist immediately.

We only aim to provide you with information through this article and do not recommend any kind of medication or treatment to anyone. Only a qualified doctor can provide you with the best guidance and treatment plan.  

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