What are the diseases related to unsafe sex? 

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Diseases caused by Unsafe sex

Having unprotected intercourse can cause numerous dangerous diseases. Everyone must be aware of the diseases that are transmitted due to unprotected sex. Unprotected intercourse leads to a greater risk of genital infections to both men and women. Many women have to deal with unwanted pregnancies because of unprotected sex. The risk of sexual diseases is higher in women. It may result in serious illnesses. It also leads to adverse effects on the sexual desires of men and women. It might result in infertility or excessive bleeding during menstruation. Using protections during intercourse prevents sexually transmitted diseases. Many people do not know much about the diseases caused by unprotected sex. Let us know more about the diseases related to unsafe sex in detail.  

  • What are the diseases related to unsafe sex? 
  • What are the symptoms of sexual diseases? 
  • What are the diseases caused by unsafe sex? 
  • How to prevent diseases caused by unsafe sex? 

What are the diseases related to unsafe sex? 

Having unprotected sex is a major cause of sexual diseases. STDs occur when the people do not use condoms or do not clean sex toys.  Unprotected intercourse leads to the risk of genital related ailments. It increases the threat of bacterial infection, yeast infection and HIV. The main reason for the spread of HIV is not using condoms. (Read more- Home remedies to increase sexual energy)

What are the symptoms of sexual diseases? 

The following symptoms of sexual diseases are usually common, but improper care can make them serious.  Vaginal discharge

What are the diseases caused by unsafe sex? 

The diseases caused by unprotected sex are not quite severe in a majority of the cases, but they get complicated with time if left untreated. Treatment is required at the correct time. Let us know about the sexual diseases.  

  • Genital Herpes: Unprotected sex affects the genitals and cause infections. This ailment causes pain while urination. Fever might also be a symptom. 
  • Chlamydia: It is primarily an ailment caused by unprotected sexual intercourse. Chlamydia is a bacterial infection with symptoms similar to that of gonorrhea. It causes urination problems. It affects the uterus of women and leads to inflammation.  
  • Gonorrhea: Caused by a bacterial infection, gonorrhea spreads by unprotected sexual intercourse. It affects the penis of men and the cervix of women. 
  • Syphilis: Syphilis spreads by unprotected sex. It causes lesions on the genitals, mouth and hands. Although it can get cured without a treatment, but it is extremely painful. Syphilis leads to fever in women. It has adverse effects on the fetus if pregnant women.  
  • HIV and AIDS: AIDS is an ailment caused by the HIV virus which greatly affects a person’s immune system. The affected individual weakens to an extent that he/she cannot fight infections or cancer. The HIV virus spreads through unprotected sex, infected needles or blood transfusion.  
  • HPV: The Human Papilloma Virus affects the skin and the mucosal membranes includes cervix, throat, anus and mouth. It is a common ailment, but develops into severe problems. It affects the genitals to a greater extent. It occurs in people who indulge more in masturbation and sexual intercourse. People must use condoms to protect against the virus.

How to prevent diseases caused by unsafe sex?

The following are the measures to prevent diseases caused by sexual intercourse: 

  • Always use condoms to prevent sexual diseases. 
  • Condoms prevent sexually transmitted diseases and acidity. 
  • Contraceptive pills do not protect one against sexually transmitted diseases. They do not prevent sexual infections. 
  • Do not use oil or petroleum jelly if you use latex condoms. 
  • Always use new condoms for sexual intercourse. You can also order them online. (Read about- Benefits of Condoms)

If you have any disease related to sexual problems, contact a Sexologist

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