Walk After Knee Replacement Surgery- As Soon As Possible

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Walk After Knee Replacement Surgery- As Soon As Possible 

Walk after knee replacement surgery is possible. A knee replacement surgery is a type of procedure performed to relieve knee pain and restore the knee’s function in people suffering from knee damage or severe type of arthritis (inflammation of the joints). It helps in improving the mobility and the overall quality of life of a person.

The recovery following a knee replacement surgery will depend on how well the patient follows the post-operative instructions provided by the orthopedic surgeon. Many patients wonder how soon they can start walking after a knee replacement surgery. The answer to this question is that the patient should try to start walking as soon as possible following a knee replacement surgery.

In this article, we will be discussing why it is important to move around and walk after knee replacement surgery, and some of the ways that can help the patient in moving around.

  • How does walk after a knee replacement surgery help in a quick recovery?
  • How to walk as soon as possible after knee replacement surgery?

How does walking after a knee replacement surgery help in a quick recovery?

Walking is an important part of recovery after a knee replacement surgery. Although it is normal to feel some pain and discomfort on walking initially after a knee replacement surgery, doctors recommend early ambulation, which means the patient should get out of bed and engage in light activity like walking, standing, or sitting as soon as possible after surgery. 

Starting to walk after knee replacement surgery can help in quicker recovery in the following ways:

Improved joint mobility and flexibility- how to walk after knee replacement surgery: 

  • Early ambulation helps increase joint mobility and prevent knee joint stiffness.
  • The patient is recommended to start walking gradually and regularly to help in the stimulation of blood flow to the knee joint, allowing the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to the surgical site for the repair and regeneration of tissues.
  • Additionally, regular walking can also help in breaking down the scar tissue and adhesions while preserving the range of motion needed to perform daily activities comfortably.

Reduced postoperative complications-better ways to walk after knee replacement surgery:

  • A long period of immobilization and bed rest after surgery can increase the risk of developing several complications, like respiratory infections and thromboembolism (the blockage of blood flow through a blood vessel due to blood clot formation).
  • Early mobilization and walking help reduce the risk of developing these complications.
  • Starting to walk early after surgery can help in improving circulation and improving lung function.
  • Additionally, the rhythmic muscle contractions that occur during walking can help stimulate the lymphatic system of the body, thus helping the drainage of any excess fluid and reducing the risk of post-surgical swelling and edema.

Improved muscular strength and function:

  • Walking can activate many different muscle groups that surround the knee joint, like the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles.
  • The activation of these muscle groups helps in starting the process of post-operative rehabilitation and the rapid restoration of muscle strength and function.

Management of pain- helps to walk after knee replacement surgery:

  • Walking can help in releasing the natural pain-relieving hormones of the body, known as the endorphins. This helps in providing relief from post-operative pain.
  • Walking also helps in producing synovial fluid within the joint, which helps in lubricating the articulating surfaces of the knee joint, and, therefore, helps reduce friction-induced pain while moving.

Increased confidence:

  • The ability to walk independently, even though gradually, can help increase the confidence levels of the patient. The patient tends to feel a sense of independence.
  • Additionally, walking can help the patient interact with family members, caregivers, and other patients to reduce any feelings of loneliness or isolation during the recovery period.  ( Know more about- Cost of knee replacement surgery in Bangalore )

How to walk as soon as possible after knee replacement surgery?

We have already discussed the different benefits of early ambulation or walk after knee replacement surgery. However it is common to have some apprehension and doubts immediately after surgery on how to start moving around without causing any problems at the site of surgery. 

The following tips can help a patient as soon as possible to walk after a knee replacement surgery:

Gradual progression:

  • Walking should be started gradually. Patients are encouraged to take short walks at first according to their comfort level.
  • As the patient feels more confident and the post-surgical pain starts reducing, the duration and intensity of walking can be gradually increased under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Use of assistive devices:

  • Doctors recommend using assistive walking aids or devices like walkers, canes, or crutches during the initial stages of recovery after knee replacement surgery to provide increased support and stability.
  • The assistive devices help in reducing the risk of injuries and falls and also make the patient feel safer while walking.

Regular monitoring:

  • The doctor will regularly monitor the progress of the patient’s walking technique and posture. Good progress made by the patient encourages the patient to continue with mild physical activities like walking for a quicker recovery.
  • The patient’s gait and weight-bearing status are assessed by the doctor regularly and if there are any signs of imbalance or discomfort, the rehabilitation process is modified accordingly to achieve the best treatment outcomes.

We hope that we were able to answer your questions about why it is good to walk after knee replacement surgery is important through this article.

If you want more information about knee replacement surgery and rehabilitation after the surgery, you can contact a good orthopedic surgeon at best hospitals like Manipal Hospital Whitefield

We only aim to give you information through the article and do not recommend any medication or treatment in any way. Only a qualified doctor can give you the best advice. 

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