What are the benefits of milk? What are the side effects of milk?

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Benefits of Milk

In India, milk has been used for drinking since the old era. The sage also mentions milk as a boon for humans in his vedas. Milk is very beneficial for your health. Milk contains many nutritious elements which help in increasing the strength of the body. Let us know about some properties of the milk.

  • What nutrients are found in milk? 
  • What are the benefits of milk?
  • What are the side effects of milk?
  • What are milk-made products?

What nutrients are found in milk?

Milk contains calcium, vitamin C supplements, protein 0.94, fat 1.08 and carbose 1.36.

What are the benefits of milk? 

Milk has numerous health benefits:

  • Hot milk should be consumed daily in the morning. Milk is very useful for bones because it contains a high amount of calcium, which keeps the bones strong and prevents them from arthritis.
  • If you want to reduce weight, then start consuming milk daily in the morning. (Read more- Benefits of blueberries in weight reduction)
  • If you feel stressed, then you must consume hot milk in the morning. Milk contains many nutrients which help in keeping the body stress free. Drink milk daily in the morning to avoid weakness. It energizes the body.
  • Girls should drink warm milk in the morning during menstruation. Milk contains plenty of vitamins and calcium, which are beneficial for health. (Read more- Menstrual problems)
  • If a person suffers from insomnia, then he/she should drink hot milk at night. It provides relief to the sleep disorder. Consumption of milk during the night, treats digestive problems. (Read more- What is metabolism)
  • Women should consume milk every day at night as it beautifies their face.

What are the side effects of milk?

There are no significant side effects of milk, but drinking hot milk in excessive quantities can increase the risk of heart disease.

Milk should be consumed in the right amount daily. 

What are the milk made products?

Milk can be used to make many types of food preparations.

  • Malpua, rabri and sweets are made from milk.
  • You can make cheese and mawa from milk.
  • Milk can be used to make kheer and vermicelli.

If the consumption of milk causes any health-related issue, contact a General Physician immediately.

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