What is Sleep Talking?

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You may be familiar with sleeplessness, but you may not have heard about Sleep Talking. Most of the people have a habit of speaking and talking while they are asleep. This is a sleep disorder whose exact cause is yet to be found. A probable reason for this is a brain related ailment. The person who speaks while asleep does not have any idea of what he spoke after waking up. Also, there is the chance of the person speaking in a different voice when he/she is asleep. Few people say that a person talks about facts in sleep that he/she notices during the day. In a majority of such cases, the affected person does not require any medical treatment. Contact a doctor if you have speech disorders. Some people scream and shout while asleep. The habit if talking in sleep reduces with age. Let us learn more about this sleep disorder. 

  • What is Sleep talking? 
  • What causes of sleep talking ? 
  • What are the symptoms of Sleep talking? 
  • What is treatment of Sleep talking? 
  • How to prevent talking in sleep?

What is Sleep talking? 

Speaking or babbling in sleep is a common sleep disorder in which the affected person talks while sleeping and forgets about the same on waking up. The person may scream or grumble when asleep, but others cannot mostly understand because the words might not be clear. This disorder rarely occurs in people for short durations. Scientists do not know the exact reason for babbling in sleep, but research is still going on to find the causes. 

What are the causes of Sleep Talking ? 

Few clinicians say that sleep related disorders are caused mainly by brain ailments. Such problems may be worsened by due to other health factors. Probable reasons of sleep talking are listed below: 

  • Genetic causes 
  • State of the person 
  • Tension or anxiety 
  • Fever (Read more- What is Encephalitis fever) 
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Medications may cause sleep talking 
  • Depression 
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Lack of sleep

What are the symptoms of Sleep talking? 

Common symptoms of sleep talking are mentioned below: 

  • The most common symptom is babbling and mumbling while asleep. 
  • Grumbling can be noticed. 
  • Sleep related issues can be observed daily or frequently. 
  • There might be the habit of screaming while sleeping. 
  • While in a deep sleep, the affected person might scream or murmur in fear. (Read more- Symptoms of Insomnia) Symptoms of sleeplessness might be seen.
  • Symptoms of sleeplessness might be seen. 
  • Sleep walking might be witnessed. 
  • Mental illness may be a symptom. 
  • The person may be afraid at night. 
  • Seizures during the night is a sign of sleep talking. 
  • Confusion is a symptom. 
  • Modification of the behavior is also common.

What is treatment of Sleep talking? 

There is no treatment for sleep talking in particular. But certain suggestions can be beneficial to improve the conditions. 

  • Sleep in a different room if the other person has such problem. 
  • Take light meals for dinner. 
  • A night notation machine must be installed in the room, so that the other person does not have any such issue. 
  • Some lifestyle changes like avoiding alcohol and sleeping timely must be adapted to get relief.
  • Sleep talking does not require a treatment as it gets resolved on its own. 
  • Consult a sleep specialist if the affected person has anxiety and stress related problems. 
  • Use an earplug for a sound sleep.

How to prevent talking in sleep? 

There are certain ways to be adopted to avoid the problem: 

  • Sleep at a fixed time. 
  • Get a sound sleep. 
  • Do not consume alcohol. 
  • Avoid physical and mental stress. 
  • Face the problem while asleep. 

If you have been having any sleep disorders, consult a Somnologist immediately.

Our aim is to provide information about ailments. We do not recommend any kind of medicine, treatment or surgery. Contact a doctor for an advice.

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