What is the treatment of dark circles?

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People believe that their beauty lies in their face. If they have dark circles, they start thinking that their beauty is diminished. This leads to frustration among the youth. Dark circles may be visible around the eyes due to nutrient deficiencies or lack of enough sleep. Inappropriate facial care and tiredness has also resulted in dark circles. Let us know more about prevention and treatment of dark circles.

  • What are dark circles?
  • What causes dark circles under the eyes?
  • What is the treatment of dark circles?
  • How to prevent dark circles?

What are dark circles?

Dark circles are dark spots or patches on the skin that develop around the eyes that make one look tired and tensed. Dark circles usually appear with age. Lack of sufficient sleep or overuse of mobiles and computers lead to dark circles.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

The following are the causes of dark circles under the eyes: 

  • Dark circles develop in some people due to genetic reasons. 
  • Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol cause dark circles. 
  • Dark circles appear with age. As a person grows older, the skin becomes thin due to which the blood vessels become more noticeable.
  • Insufficient sleep is the most common cause of dark circles. (Read more- what is insomnia and what is the treatment of insomnia
  • Nutrient deficiency in the body results in dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Tiredness causes dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Overuse of makeup may lead to dark circles. Cleaning the skin after removing the makeup and cosmetics reduces the threat of dark circles. 
  • Dehydration may cause blackness around the eyes.
  • Dark circles become visible due to hormonal changes in the body during menstruation and pregnancy. 
  • Anxiety and stress cause dark circles under the eyes. (Read more- What is anxiety)

What is the treatment of dark circles?

The doctor provides the following treatment to get rid of dark circles: 

  • Chemical peeling is used to treat scars, pigmentation and wrinkles on the skin around the eyes. It is a kind of cosmetic treatment. The dull and the damaged skin is removed by using chemicals so that a new and healthy layer of skin can develop. 
  • Intense plus light treatment is carried out to reduce dark circles.
  • Laser treatment is done to remove the fat deposited under the eyes. Post treatment, the skin color become lighter. 
  • In the extreme cases, dark circles are corrected by surgery. This reduces swelling and darkness.

How to prevent dark circles?

  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. 
  • Sleep seven to eight hours daily to prevent dark circles. 
  • Regular yoga prevents the dark circles. 
  • A balanced diet is effective to prevent dark circles. 
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. (Read about- The benefits of spinach)
  • Avoid smoking 
  • Do not watch TV at night for long hours during the night.

If you suffer from the problem of dark circles, contact a Dermatologist immediately.

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