What is Hepatitis B? Symptoms, causes and treatment

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Every year 3 to 4 thousand people die due to liver damage caused by Hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis B is also known as Serum Hepatitis. If there is swelling in the liver, it is called Hepatitis B. Hepatitis disease is a viral infection, but sometimes it is caused by bacteria or as a side-effect of some medicines. Hepatitis B is usually caused by a virus. Hepatitis B commonly transmits through the person’s sputum, urine, semen, blood, or secretions from the vulva. This disease occurs in those individuals who take drugs through needles or have more than one physical partner. This disease spreads rapidly, especially in people who are involved in unnatural sexual intercourse. Hepatitis B is highly fatal.  Let us discuss in details about the causes of Hepatitis B and the symptoms and how to cure Hepatitis B.

What is Hepatitis B? 

Hepatitis disease is of two types, A and B. Hepatitis B is more fatal than Hepatitis A because hepatitis B mainly attacks the liver. The hepatitis virus spreads mainly through contaminated water. In some people, Hepatitis B infection lasts for a long time, but the person is unable to detect it, which is called Chronic Hepatitis.

What are the causes of Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is an infection that is spread by the virus known a Hepatitis B. This disease spreads through the blood of an infected person or contact with bodily fluids. 

There are many causes of Hepatitis B. 

  • Hepatitis B is caused by using an infected needle or blade.
  • Hepatitis B can spread from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy.
  • It can occur by using the same razor or toothbrush as used by an infected person. 
  • Using unsterilized needles for ear piercing or tattooing can also be a reason. 
  • Hepatitis B may also be caused by the transfusion of infected blood to another person without examination. 

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis B? 

Individuals are unable to detect that they have been infected by the Hepatitis B virus.

There are many symptoms of Hepatitis B.

  • Excessive fatigue 
  • Vomiting and pain in the stomach
  • Yellowing of the person’s skin and eyes
  • Red and dark-colored urine
  • Fever
  • Headache and nausea
  • Itching 

What is the treatment for Hepatitis B? 

If no symptoms are visible in a person suffering from Hepatitis B, then the treatment of Hepatitis B is done by examining the blood for other reasons.

  • Doctors conduct different tests when Hepatitis B symptoms are seen.
  • To check for Hepatitis B infection, blood test and HBsAg test is conducted. If Hepatitis B infection is in the initial stage, then IgM test is done and if it is in the later stage, then IgG test is done.
  • If the person’s liver is damaged, then to check the liver status, liver biopsy is done.
  • HBsAg tests are done to check the intensity of Hepatitis B.
  • Liver function test is done to examine the effects of infection on the liver.
  • An ultrasound scan is done to check the status of the liver.
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is done to check the viral load in the blood.

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