Cost of Amniocentesis in Bangalore

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Amniocentesis in Bangalore

Selection of Hospital for Amniocentesis in Bangalore

The cost of amniocentesis varies in different cities and across different hospitals. Private multispecialty hospitals have a higher nurse-to-patient ratio, the latest equipment, and better infrastructure, so the cost of amniocentesis is usually higher in private hospitals. The cost of amniocentesis is mostly lesser in good government hospitals.

You can get amniocentesis done in the following best hospitals in Bangalore city:

Apollo Hospital Bangalore

Manipal Hospital Bangalore

Manipal Hospital Whitefield

Other Hospitals for amniocentesis in Bangalore city

Selection of Doctor for Amniocentesis in Bangalore:

The doctor’s charges for amniocentesis in Bangalore also add up to the total bill for the treatment. Senior and experienced doctors in private hospitals usually have higher consultation fees and treatment charges, compared to junior doctors or doctors in government hospitals. 

Some of the best Gynecologists performing amniocentesis in Bangalore city are:

Dr Harshita Ramamurthy

Dr Sunitha Sreedhar

Dr Preeti Prabhakar Shetty

Dr Meena Muthaiah

Dr Amrita Rao

Other best Gynecologists performing amniocentesis in Bangalore city

The cost of amniocentesis in Bangalore is between INR 8,000 to INR 20,000.

Risk factors of the Amniocentesis in Bangalore:

In some cases, like pre-existing medical disorders in patients, a complicated case at the time of the procedure, or some cases of unpredictable complications during the procedure, the doctor’s team may have to perform another surgery or procedure before or after the main procedure, to control the complications. 

In most cases, the risks involved are always informed to the patient prior to the surgery, except for unpredictable complications. These are additional charges added to the cost of amniocentesis. 

In cases of complications, post-procedure complications management and care also involve the additional costs. 

Insurance coverage for Amniocentesis in Bangalore: 

The overall cost of treatment also may reduce, depending upon the insurance plan of the patient. Whether and how much of the amniocentesis cost in Bangalore city is covered by the insurance depends upon the insurance provider and the insurance policy of the patient. 

Some patients may also choose better services from the hospital, whether or not it is covered by their insurance plans of the patient. 

Cost Break up of Amniocentesis:

Amniocentesis cost in Bangalore has the following cost components, which are added up to the overall cost of the treatment:

Hospital Charges for Amniocentesis in Bangalore:

These charges include the Operation Theatre (OT) charges; the cost of the patient room (whether it is single, double, or triple occupancy, economy class, number of days the patient is kept in the room before and after the amniocentesis, where the cost of the single room is the highest). In case of complications during or after amniocentesis, the patient is monitored in ICU, till the patient is stabilized. ICU charges are added to the total bill of amniocentesis. 

Surgeon Charges for Amniocentesis in Bangalore:

The total cost of a amniocentesis will have the doctor fees which may vary from doctor to doctor. The surgeon’s charges also vary according to the complexity of amniocentesis. 

Diagnostic tests for Amniocentesis:

Diagnostic test charges for amniocentesis are additional components of the total cost of amniocentesis in Bangalore city. These are added up to the overall cost. The diagnostic test charges for amniocentesis in Bangalore city vary according to hospitals. The diagnostic test charges will be higher in private hospital setup than in government hospital setup. 

The diagnostic tests for amniocentesis in Bangalore city are:

  • Ultrasound
  • Cordocentesis
  • Chorionic villi sampling

Cost of anesthesia:

Amniocentesis is generally done under local anesthesia. Anesthesia makes the procedure painless and comfortable for the patient. The cost of anesthesia is added to the total cost of amniocentesis.

Cost of medications for Amniocentesis:

The surgeon will usually prescribe medications before and after amniocentesis for a good treatment experience. These medications add to the total expenditure of amniocentesis. Although some non-medical items are covered under insurance, many medications are expensive and increase the overall cost of amniocentesis.

We hope we were able to answer your doubts about factors affecting the cost of amniocentesis in Bangalore city through this article. To know more about amniocentesis, click here: Amniocentesis 

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