What is Female Fertility Panel ?

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Meaning of Female Fertility Panel

Purpose of Female Fertility Panel

Nowadays, many women are unable to become mothers after unprotected sex. Due to a lack of fertility, women are unable to conceive. Apart from this, physical problems, lifestyle, hormonal problems, old age also affect fertility. To check for female fertility, the doctors perform testosterone, progesterone, prolactin, LH, thyroid, estradiol tests, etc. Let us explain in detail about the Female Fertility Panel in today’s article.

  • Purpose of Female Fertility Panel
  • Preparation Before Female Fertility Panel
  • How is a Female Fertility Panel done?
  • Risks of Female Fertility Panel
  • What do the Results of Female Fertility Panel mean?

Purpose of Female Fertility Panel

A female fertility panel is used to detect the reduction in fertility of the body. Apart from this, irregular menstruation and irregular ovulation occur due to infertility. Rapid weight gain or weight loss causes infertility in women. The following symptoms occur due to hormonal problems:

Preparation Before Female Fertility Panel

  • There is no need to do any special preparation for the female fertility test. But it is necessary to provide complete information to the patient before the test, such as – consuming any kind of medicine or has already suffered from any disease or taking birth control pills, irregular menstrual cycle, smoking addiction, etc. should not be hidden. It can affect the result of your investigation.
  • To get the test done, wear half sleeve clothes to make it easier to take blood samples. For the LH test, the doctor recommends not to use a contraceptive pill. At the time of menstruation, a doctor may take a blood sample. Talk to a doctor if you take any kind of medicine.
  • For prolactin and testosterone test, a sample is taken from the patient’s arm in the morning, and he is advised to eat something the night before the test. It is because so that the blood has high levels of prolactin, testosterone in the morning. However, before these tests, you are advised not to take hormone drugs, antifungal medicines as it affects the result.
  • For the LSH test, the doctor advises the patient not to take any contraceptive pills. These drugs may affect the results. Therefore, if anyone consumes the medicine, talk to your doctor to get appropriate suggestions. (Read more – What is progesterone test)

How is a Female Fertility Panel done?

During female fertility, a blood sample is taken from the vein of the patient’s arm. Although, it is similar to a routine blood test. To perform this procedure, a tourniquet is tied to the patient’s arm. Now, the area is cleaned to minimize the risk of infection. A blood sample is taken from the arm through a syringe. During this procedure, the person experiences mild pain that goes away on its own. When the doctor collects the samples, they also remove the tourniquet. A piece of cotton is placed on the site of injection to stop bleeding. Blood samples are sent to the laboratory for examination. (Read more – What are Cholesterol Tests)

Risks of Female Fertility Panel

There are no specific risks of a female fertility test. But in some cases, the following risks may occur:

What do the Results of Female Fertility Panel mean?

The results of the Female Fertility Panel may vary depending on age, previous disease history, and screening process. Whether your results are normal or abnormal, your doctor discusses them in detail.

  • Normal Results – Normal results of the female fertility panel are as follows. Such as prolactin less than 20 mcg/L, in progesterone in the period of menstruation 0.1-0.7 ng/mL, last stage 2-25 ng/ mL, in LSH in the follicular face 1.4-9.9 Iu/mL, last stage of the menstrual period – 1.1-92 Iu/mL, ovulatory stage – 62-17.2 Iu/mL, at the beginning of menstruation in LH – 1.68 -15 Iu/L, in the middle of the cycle 21.9-56.6 Iu/L. (Read more – What is female fertility)
  • Abnormal Results Negative blood test results indicate a cause of infertility. When a female does not have regular menstrual periods, the FSH levels may decrease. Besides, the doctor may recommend other investigations, including X-rays, hysterosalpingograms, ultrasound, transvaginal, etc.(Read more – What is an endoscopy)

We hope that we could answer your questions regarding Female Fertility Panel through this article. If you want any information related to female fertility tests, you can contact the Gynecologist.

We only aim to give you information through the article. We do not recommend medication, treatment in any way. Only a doctor can give you good advice because no one else is better than them.

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