What are the Symptoms of Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes  

After marriage, every woman has a desire to become a mother quickly, but this is not possible with some women. The main reason for not becoming a mother is the problem of blockage in the fallopian tubes. The tube helps the woman to conceive, so any blockage in this tube results in difficulty in getting pregnant. Let me tell you, tubes work to transport the eggs to the uterus. According to the doctor, repeated blockage in the fallopian tube can also be caused due to some reasons, such as surgery, infection, uterus fibroids cause blockage in the inner part of the tube. Treatment can be done to correct these problems. With the help of some natural remedies, blockage in the fallopian tubes can be removed. Many women might not know much about fallopian tubes, so let us explain in detail the problem, causes and symptoms of  blocked fallopian tubes in this article. 

  • What is Blocked Fallopian tube? 
  • Types of Fallopian tube Blockage. 
  • What are the Symptoms of Blocked Fallopian tubes?
  • What are the Causes of Blocked Fallopian tube? 
  • How to get Pregnant with Blocked Fallopian tubes? 

What is Blocked Fallopian tube?

Fallopian tubes are female reproductive organs that connect the ovaries to the uterus. Every month during ovulation, one egg is transported from the fallopian tube to the uterus. Conception occurs in the fallopian tube. If an egg is fertilized by sperm, it goes into the uterus. But if the fallopian tube is blocked, both the sperm and the egg cannot reach the uterus. Therefore, the process of fertilization cannot happen and the woman is unable to conceive. Blockage can occur in one or both the fallopian tubes. In many women, the cause of infertility is a blockage in the fallopian tubes. 

Types of Fallopian tube Blockage

Fallopian tube blockage is the reason for not being a mother in some women. It is believed to be the most common cause of infertility in women. The failure of the egg to reach the uterus makes conception difficult. The blockage may occur in different parts of the tube. Three types of blockages have been found. 

  • Proximal Fallopian Tube Blockage When the blockage occurs near the uterus, it is the reason for problems such as miscarriage, cesarean section, or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).
  • Middle Fallopian Tube Blockage Blockage occurs in the middle of the fallopian tube. 
  • Distal Blockage In this type, the blockage occurs where the fallopian tube ends. 

What are the Symptoms of Blocked Fallopian tubes? 

Blocked fallopian tubes do not often show any significant symptoms. Many women are not aware that they have blocked fallopian tubes until they try to get pregnant. However, in some cases, women may have abdominal pain. This usually happens in a type of blockage called hydrosalpinx. This often occurs when fluid fills in the fallopian tube. In such a situation, the fallopian tube becomes blocked. In endometriosis, the woman has pelvic pain and heavy periods. This promotes the problem of blockage in the tubes. 

What are the Causes of Blocked Fallopian tube? 

There are several reasons for blockage in fallopian tubes. Let us explain in detail. 

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease is the main cause of blockage in the fallopian tubes. This disease can cause hydrosalpinx and scarring. 
  • Certain sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia can cause scarring and result in pelvic inflammatory disease. 
  • Fibroids are thought to cause blockage in the fallopian tube where they attach to the uterus. 
  • It has been said that when the embryo gets attached to the fallopian tube or abdomen instead of the uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. This causes a severe fallopian tube blockage. 
  • Sometimes there is a risk of blockage in the fallopian tubes due to disturbance of hormones.
  • Appendices can also cause blockage in the fallopian tubes. 
  • Due to TB disease, fallopian tubes get affected which leads to increased blockage in the fallopian tubes. 

How to get Pregnant with Blocked Fallopian tubes?

One has to face many problems in getting pregnant due to the problem of blocked fallopian tubes. In such a situation, the woman does not understand why she is not able to conceive. In such cases, the woman should consult a doctor and ask how to treat the problem of fallopian tubes blockage. However, the doctor opens the fallopian tube to remove the blockage which is performed by laparoscopic surgery. Treatment is not possible if there is a blockage from a large number of tissues. However, the tubes damaged by ectopic pregnancy can be cured to some extent. If the blockage is caused by damage to the fallopian tubes then it hinders the reproductive function of the woman. In such a situation, the surgeon removes the damaged part. Apart from this, one can resort to IVF. 

To get more information and treatment about the problem of blocked fallopian tubes, contact a Gynecologist.

We only aim to give you information through the article. We do not recommend medication or treatment in any way. Only a doctor can give you good advice because no one else is better than them.

Summary: Blocked fallopian tubes are the main cause of infertility in females. Common reasons for blocked fallopian tubes include ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, certain sexually transmitted infections, etc.

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