Let’s spread the message of good health on this Women’s Day

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Also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. A lot of progress has been made to promote and protect women’s rights in recent times. These efforts have opened the window of opportunity to women from different walks of life. And many women have welcomed these opportunities with open arms and have begun fighting their way through political, social and economic arenas. However, a lot of these strong-willed individuals seemed to have forgotten that taking respites in between their fights is also equally important. So, we have decided to spread a message–a message that implores our readers to see this Women’s Day as not only a day to celebrate but also as a day to care for yourselves.

In India, the role of women in our society has seen a tremendous change. Women can now be seen in the leadership positions, such as CEOs, entrepreneurs, pilots, teachers etc. However, Indian women are facing a lot more challenges than Indian men and their counterparts from other parts of the world. This is because they still are the central foundation of the social and cultural life of the family and are held accountable to balance their responsibilities in both domestic and professional life. This makes the life of an Indian working woman extremely stressful and raises the risks of many health problems.

So on account of the international women’s day, we are presenting some simple ways for women to stay healthy while they compete with men on an equal footing.


Drink plenty of water. This is something that every woman should be able to do. Drink water, at least a couple of liters a day. It will keep you in shape and hydrated. Eat vegetables and fruits as they are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and vital vitamins. Avoid bread and eat fish as they are teeming with vital nutrients like protein, vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Also, women, in general, have weaker bone density than men and usually suffer from fractures and osteoporosis. So, eat foods with high calcium such as milk and milk products like yogurt, cheese, and buttermilk and leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and other vegetables from the cabbage family.

Although it can’t be seen as an act of eating, getting morning sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium by your bones. You should also cut back on sugar and eat a balanced diet if you want to see improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels and lower your risk of suffering a heart attack. Contact dietitians near you for counseling about diet and other professional help.


Do cardio exercises. They won’t just make you fitter but will help you lose weight, increase bone density, keep heart diseases at bay, and will relieve issues like depression and anxiety. Do weights as it will help you gain muscle, lose weight and strengthen your bones.

But sometimes, it can be very difficult for a woman to make time for the gym. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. Cardio and weights are not the only way to gain muscles and lose weight. You can still achieve them by taking stairs or by walking a mile every day.

Yoga and meditation

Being happy is easier said than done. But being in a good mood will do wonders for your health. Sleep well, at least eight hours a day. Getting a good night’s sleep makes you less stressed and improves your memory and even your probability to live a long and healthy life. Meditate and do yoga that helps in boosting your core strength and keeps you flexible and de-stressed.

Health checkups

Sometimes, even with all the preventive measures in their places, the disease can strike and know you off. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in regular screenings like annual blood tests, pap tests, and mammograms. Get your complete body checkup today at your nearest health center as many of these centers provide discounts on their checkups on account of the international women’s day.

The gap between both the genders has narrowed a lot. However, there is still more work to do. But don’t let all that effort take a toll on your health. Take some rest, a cup of steaming green tea and enjoy the international women’s day, because you deserve it.

For more tips on women’s health, read our blogs.

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