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Weight loss

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3 years ago

Dt. Himani Puri | Dietician And Nutritionist

Weight Loss doesn't merely mean a reduction in the numbers on the weighing scale. It is also reflective your fat loss. To attain a healthy weight loss one should also concentrate on achieving an ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) and Waist-Hip ratio. The key to effective and permanent weight loss is modification in one's diet and lifestyle.

3 years ago

Dt. Kinjal Nagda | Dietician And Nutritionist

Physical activity alongwith diet modification helps in weight management. Getting involved in brisk walking or exercise like yoga, pushups, squats, etc starting with 30mins and gradually increasing the intensity and frequency. Diet modification involves consuming essential nutrients in balanced amounts, maintaining the ratio of all macronutrients ( carbohydrates, Proteins and fats) alongwith Micronutrients. We can work out a perfect diet plan for achieving best results for your goals.