Logintohealth X

Reasons To Choose

  • Reason To Choose

    Makes life easier for employees

    For most people, going to the doctor is time consuming: You make an appointment, take half-day off work, commute, fill out forms, wait for 15-45 minutes and then see the doctor. With Logintohealth, an employee can log in, choose a doctor, and connect from anywhere, anytime to get the treatment they need – including a prescription if that is appropriate or get response to a simple health query. All within minutes.

  • Reason To Choose

    Saves Time

    Online visits over weekends or evenings when doctor's offices are closed, save the employee's precious personal time and avoid long OPD waits.

  • Reason To Choose

    Better Healthcare Access

    For employees on the road, working in rural locations, or living in underserved areas, Logintohealth can be the difference between having access to medical care or not. And for employers that operate worksite clinics in major locations, Logintohealth can be the means of extending care to at-home workers or employees in satellite locations. These online phone or video visits help employees feel "connected" to the home corporate office.

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    Enhances Productivity

    Getting access to the doctor in a timely manner enables your employees to take preventive steps on experiencing the first signs of any illness resulting in reduced absenteeism and decreased probability of spreading the infections to other employees.

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    Continuity of Care

    Logintohealth encourages digitisation of doctor visits and medical records thereby enabling the creation of a patient's universal medical record. He/she may give this updated record to his/her own doctor at any time thus ensuring continuity of care and reducing medical errors and duplication of services.

  • Reason To Choose

    Lists Top doctors

    Once you select the doctor speciality, our algorithm lists the doctors by ranking them based on their experience, their qualification, patient feedback, patient recommendation and number of consultations done. Your employees can select the doctors by viewing their detailed profile and patient feedback thereby making an informed decision pertaining to their healthcare.