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Dr. Ramen Goel

Obesity Surgery & Pregnancy - 7th November 2017

‘When a young obese girl approaches for bariatric surgery, common concern of the family members is its impact on pregnancy in future,’ shares Dr Ramen Goel, Director, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.  

Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) is usually seen in overweight women who have irregular or absent menses with infertility, facial hair & mental stress because of the problem.

Post bariatric surgery studies have shown regularization of hormones-menstrual cycles in almost 100% women, reduction in facial hair in over 70% & PCOD related infertility correction in all women. Insulin resistance is the cause for PCOD which gets corrected after bariatric surgery.

Post bariatric surgery pregnancy should be avoided during weight loss period. But, after 1 year of surgery, pregnancy can be safely planned. Possibility of conception improves as periods are regular, pregnancy related diabetes & BP are unlikely & woman may have normal delivery instead of planned caesarean section, which is a norm in obese women. Also the baby is likely to be of normal weight & healthy,’ shares Dr. Goel.

During Annual National Conference of Obesity Surgery Society of India at Mumbai in January this year, Dr. Ramen Goel’s team presented 15 years follow up data of women who successfully delivered after obesity surgery in which 44% infertile women could conceive, at average duration of 17 months after surgery with pregnancy duration of 8.7 months & birth weight of 2.7 kgs.  

Even testosterone levels in obese men improve with weight loss after surgery. Mr. Rajesh (name changed) underwent a Gastric Bypass for obesity, diabetes, acidity & high triglyceride levels at the age of 33 years. His wife could not have a child because of his low sperm count but after bariatric surgery she conceived naturally & delivered twins.

At 39 years, Ms. A Singh, from Kanpur, felt desperate as time was running because of multiple failed IVF attempts. At 148 kgs she decided to get the bariatric surgery done & after losing over 50 kgs now she is proud mother on 1 year old son.