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What is Ask a Question?

Get fast informative answers to simple health queries from our doctors. Doctors will not provide prescriptions.

Ask a Free Question to any provider: Your question is sent to all the practitioners for the specialty that you select. Your identity is revealed to them. Your questions and responses get posted on the site but not your personal details such as name, age and gender. You will not be able to upload any reports. To see some recently posted Free Questions visit ‘Some Recently Asked Questions’ on Ask a Question page.

Ask a Paid Question to the doctor of your choice: For paid questions, you can select a specific doctor and post the question privately to him/her. You can also upload any reports and pictures. Pay after the doctor confirms his/her availability to answer the question. Post payment, the doctors will respond within 24 hours. Your question and the response remains private. You can also ask 2 follow-on questions to the doctor.

Is my identity revealed under Ask a Free Question?

When you post any question on the site under Ask a Free Question, the same is sent to all our Practitioners that fall under the specialisation that you select. Your identity is revealed to them. However, your identity is not revealed to the other users and practitioners of the site.

We list these questions and their responses on the website so that the users at large can benefit from the advice of the practitioners should they experience such a problem. We will not display the name, age or gender of the user who sends the question on the site. However, please do not disclose your personal details as a part of the question but mention them separately in the sections that are meant to capture this information.

What if the doctor does not respond to the question within 24 hours?

If the doctor does not respond within 24 hours, we cancel the question and re-credit the full amount to your LogintoHealth account.

Why are some doctors displayed as online and some offline?

Online doctors are those who are currently logged into their LogintoHealth account and therefore might be in a position to accept your question request instantly. Hence they are displayed online. However, please note that sometimes, though the doctors are online, they might not be in a position to accept your question immediately. In this case, you have an option to wait for the doctor to confirm the question or you can also post it to another doctor if you are in a hurry.

Please note that a doctor being online does not mean that the doctor will answer your question instantly.

Our offline doctors will also attempt to accept your question within 24 hours depending on the time of the day. Both online and offline doctors will answer the question within 24 hours of payment.