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What about prescriptions?

For Online Consultations, if necessary and at the doctor’s discretion, a prescription will be provided at the end of the consultation. The prescription will be uploaded by the doctor will be visible in your message centre under Online Consultations – Previous Visits. You will receive a notification on your dashboard and email once the doctor uploads the prescription.

LogintoHealth Prescription Policy

Physicians providing consultations for LogintoHealth members offer prescriptions for a wide range of products that deliver direct medicinal value. It is important to note that LogintoHealth is not a drug fulfillment warehouse. In the event a physician does prescribe medication, he/she will usually limit the supply to no more than thirty days and it will be left to doctor’s discretion to decide the prescription period. Patients with chronic illnesses should visit their primary care physicians or other specialists for extended care. LogintoHealth physicians do not issue prescriptions for substances which may be harmful (potential for abuse or addiction). The prescription will be for non-narcotic medications (i.e. no controlled substances).

What if I need tests or lab work?

Your physician might request tests to assist with your healthcare. Diagnostic tests help physicians detect diseases earlier, prescribe therapies, and monitor results. LogintoHealth has a strategic alliance with leading laboratory companies to provide this service. However, you may do these tests from any lab outside our lab network as well.