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What is Diagnostic Test?

This is a fast, economical and easy way to book a diagnostic test online. Compare cost across labs and also avail discounts. Get results at home and share them in a secure manner with the doctor of your choice.

What is the lab code?

The lab code is the code given by the labs when you call them to fix the date and time of the home visit. The objective is to ensure that the users don’t forget to call the labs to fix the date and time when booking the home visit. Please note that the lab code is only relevant for those labs which require some payment to be done online to book home visits.

What is a transaction id/order number?

The transaction id or order number is a 4 digit number which is sent to you by SMS when you book a diagnostic test. Please provide this number to your lab technician when he/she comes for a home visit or when you visit the lab. This is a unique number through which they verify your transaction and provide you the discount. Please do not disclose this number to anyone.

How do I cancel a Diagnostic Test?

You are required to inform the Lab at least 4 hours in advance if you wish to reschedule or cancel the home sample collection. If you have cancelled the test by informing the Lab at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled sample collection time, you can write to us with the relevant details of the transaction asking for a re-credit or a refund. Subject to verification with the Lab, the amount will be re-credited in your account within the next 7 days or will be refunded within the next 14 working days.

For cancelling the home visits, please call the lab technician to cancel the appointment atleast 4 hours in advance, else a penalty of upto Rs 300 will have to be paid to the technician.

How are the results sent to me?

For all the labs, the results will get emailed to you at the email id provided by you to the lab technician or provided at the time of registration. In addition, some labs may also send a complimentary hard copy of the results by courier to your address and some may charge an additional amount.

What if I need the test in the name of my family member or relative?

You can enter the details of your family member when booking the test and you need to inform the same to the lab technician as well.

Who will provide the invoice/receipt for the lab test?

The labs will provide the invoice/receipt when you go to the lab or when they come home for the sample collection for the payment made to them. If you have done any payment online, for that amount, the invoice will be provided by us.