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How do I activate the Ask a Question service?

  1. Go to My Account and select Services and Charges
  2. Select Ask a Question
  3. Fill in Ask a Question Charges on a per question basis and you can even create your package
  4. Don’t forget to provide your banking details so that we can credit the service charges to your account

How do I know a new Ask a Question request has come to me?

The request is displayed instantly on your Dashboard. We also inform you by sending you an SMS and an email.

How do I accept requests for an Ask a Question? Can I cancel the same?

  1. Visit you Dashboard
  2. Click Confirm on the blue box for “Paid Question”. Click on Decline to reject the request.
  3. You can also confirm from the Message Centre by going to the Paid Questions tab.
  4. If you are online, we suggest that you accept the request as soon as you receive it so that the patient can proceed towards payment immediately.
  5. Alternatively, you can accept or deny the request within 12 hours.
  6. On your acceptance of the request, we will send an SMS and an email to the patient and ask him/her to proceed to pay.
  7. On payment by the patient, we send you a notification and SMS.
  8. You can proceed to reply from the Dashboard or the Message Centre under Paid Questions.
  9. Please respond within 24 hours. Else, we cancel the question request and recredit the money to the patient.

How do I know a Free Question has been posted to me?

  1. The same will be displayed on your dashboard on the bottom left hand corner.
  2. You will also receive an email and an SMS.