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Can LogintoHealth handle my emergency situations?

No. LogintoHealth is designed to handle non-emergency medical issues. The patients are advised NOT to use our services if they are experiencing a medical emergency.  

Are LogintoHealth doctors and therapists part of a call center?

No. LogintoHealth providers are independent licensed professionals and among the finest practitioners in the healthcare field. These professionals provide services via the LogintoHealth platform. LogintoHealth itself does not provide any healthcare or medical advice or diagnosis or diagnostic services and does not practice medicine and does not interfere with the practice of medicine. We are strictly a technology platform connecting users to practitioners or labs.

Are LogintoHealth providers evaluated?

Yes. Each doctor is verified based on the credentials provided to ensure that only certified doctors are able to provide services using the platform. Following each service, our members are surveyed and member feedback results documented. The results are analysed and reviewed for quality and service trends as part of our continuous improvement process.