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How do I add patients?

  1. You can search and add a patient if he/she is already existing in the system or create a new patient profile. You just have to enter his/her mobile number.
  2. For a new patient (who is not your clinic patient), a one-time password will be sent to the patient to confirm if he/she wants to be added as your patient. This is done to protect patient’s privacy as it will provide the practitioner access to his/her information.
  3. If you want to edit the patient profile or update it, this also requires an one-time password to be entered by you so that no information is changed without the patient’s consent.

How do I record the patient visit?

  1. Click on the appointment slot for the patient on the calendar.
  2. Click on the Check-in button once the patient comes to the clinic. This way the doctor knows that the patient is now waiting at the clinic.
  3. Click on the Engage button once the patient goes inside the doctor’s cabin.
  4. Once the patient comes out, click on Record Visit button.
  5. The doctor can create a prescription or upload a hand written prescription by scanning the same.
  6. Upload any other documents such as lab reports, pictures, x-rays etc
  7. Click on Billing to Generate Invoice for the visit.
  8. Once an invoice is created, click on Save, or Save and Accept Payment if you want to accept the payment for the visit.

In case you have missed recording a patient visit for an earlier date, click on' View Past Visit' button on the top right corner of the calendar. Select the visit that you want to record and follow the above steps from step 2 onwards.