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How does Quick Advice work?

  1. Quick advice lets your existing patients that are registered with you, call you through our system.
  2. The purpose of Quick Advice is to answer any quick queries of your existing patients. For e.g. my child has colic, what can I do? What can I feed a 6 month old baby?
  3. Patients do not upload any documents and are not to be provided any prescriptions.
  4. Patients call our IVR number and enter the doctor code basis which we call you.
  5. Only after they speak to you will they be charged for the call.
  6. They are permitted to do 2 follow-on calls within 24 hours of the first call with you.
  7. If they call again after 24 hours of the first call, they will not be able to call you through our system, unless they complete the payment.
  8. The patients will be able to rehear the last call with you for 24 hours, just in case they missed any instructions.

So this has 3 advantages: 1) Only your registered patients can call you. 2) Patients pay, but only after they have spoken to you. 3) Patients can rehear the last call.

Can I customise my charges for Quick Advice?

Yes, you can set your charges for Quick Advice calls on a per call basis or can even create a package of calls.

What if I miss the Quick Advice calls?

  1. Go to your Message Centre and click on the Missed Calls tab
  2. Here you will see the list of all the calls that you have missed
  3. You can select which patient you need to call back and initiate a call back from here. We will call the patient first and then call you on your number.