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What is Next Available GP/Paediatrician service? How does this work?

  1. Objective of Next Available GP/Pediatrician is to help the patient to connect to the doctor instantly. For e.g. when a patient has a common illness and needs quick relief such as vomiting, insect bite etc.
  2. Once your service is activated, you have to click on the button for Next Available GP/Pediatrician on your dashboard and indicate your mode of availability (phone/video) and outer limit of availability.
  3. Patient makes the payment and we send the request on dashboard, by email and SMS to GPs and pediatricians who are online and who have activated this service at that time.
  4. The doctor who accepts the request first (within 5 minutes) is connected to the patient instantly.
  5. This can be a video or an audio Online Consultation.
  6. The charges of this consultation are standardized.
  7. In all other aspects, it is the same as Online Consultation.

How do I activate the Next Available GP/Paediatrician service?

  1. First go to Online Service Settings and select Next Available GP/Pediatrician. We will activate these services subject to verification.
  2. Next, you have to click on the button on your Dashboard to indicate your availability for this service i.e. the number of hours and the medium of availability – phone/video.
  3. Only if you have specified your availability, the system will send you the notification on your Dashboard, by email and SMS to accept the patient request.

How do I know that Next Available GP or Paediatrician request has come to me?

  1. The request is displayed on the dashboard of the doctor for 4-5 minutes. You also receive an SMS and an email notification for the same.
  2. The doctor who accepts the request first will be connected to the patient.