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What should I do once I create an account?

Once you create an account with, please do the following:

  1. Go to My Account and fill in your Profile details and Verification details.
  2. The Verification details are a must so that we can authenticate you and your credentials and activate the Online Services for you.
  3. Go to Online Service Settings and select the services you wish to provide, your charges for each service, your packages, you availability for Online Consultation. Most important is to provide your bank account details so that we can transfer the amount collected on your behalf into your bank account.
  4. Go to Clinic Settings. Search and add the clinic if it exists in the system or create a new clinic. Searching is important to avoid duplicate clinics getting created in the system. For each Clinic, provide your timings, select instant booking if you want to share your calendar with patients so that they can book appointments instantly, select home visits if you would be available for home visits and provide your clinic charges.
  5. The clinic that you own can be made into your Primary Clinic.
  6. Once you have created Clinic/(s), you can start adding patients for that clinic.
  7. You can start adding Consultants for the Primary Clinic if it is a Clinic plan.
  8. You can start adding Staff i.e. employee whom you can give access to your calendar and patient information for the Primary Clinic.